Membership Fees


CERIS membership applications will only be reviewed when the non-refundable application processing fee of £500 (+VAT) has been paid. An invoice for this fee will be raised and sent to your billing contact listed in the application form.

If you wish to expedite the process, the CERIS bank account details can be found on page 8 of the application form.

This admin fee covers some of the CERIS costs associated with processing the application and all support and liaison with CERIS/CREST regarding the application.

The referencing of your application is performed independently by CREST.

This admin fee is to be renewed every 3 years.


1 — 3

4 — 8

9 — 14



£500 + VAT

£750 + VAT

£1000 + VAT

£1,500 + VAT


Once an application is successfully approved, an invoice for the annual membership fee will be raised. The annual membership fee is £1000(+VAT), plus £100(+VAT) for every named consultant within Appendix A.

This annual membership fee is payable at each successful annual renewal.

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