Our principal goal is to assist the ‘Information Security Recruitment Industry’

CERIS places requirements on member companies in order to ensure that a consistent standard of recruitment services is delivered

The requirements fall into 3 main areas:

1. Company and individual operating procedures and standards.

2. Continuous professional development.

3. Data security.

Prior to applying to join CERIS, prospective member companies are encouraged to review the requirements documents and ascertain their compliance status.

Membership Requirements

Any recruitment company can apply so long as they meet the following criteria:

  • They complete a company Membership Application Form.

  • Meet the required Personnel Requirements.

  • Agree to the Code of Conduct.

  • Have paid the required membership application fee.

  • Have achieved, or commit to achieving ISO27001 OR Cyber Essentials within 12 months

  • The received suitable* references from 2 hiring organisations and 2 placed candidates.

  • Provide a list of all named consultants.

  • The company membership application form is a comprehensive form requiring a prospective member company to self-certify that they are compliant with the various CERIS requirements.

  • During the application process, we will require copies of certain documents.

These include:

  • A copy of a professional indemnity insurance certificate or company letter confirming level professional indemnity insurance.

  • A copy of any standards compliance certificates (e.g. ISO27001, ISO9001) or proof of registration.

CERIS in association with CREST carries out an assessment of your application based on the information provided in your application form following which CERIS reserves the right to carry out an audit of your processes and procedures against the CERIS standards.

Your point of contact will be kept informed during this process in order that any issues may be resolved. In the event of a membership application not meeting the guidelines, further supporting evidence will be requested for review, prior to a decision being made.


There may be situations where there is a misunderstanding or dispute between a CERIS Member Company and their Client.

The Codes of Conduct define the complaints and resolutions measures for an engagement that has been carried out as a CERIS ‘service’.

These robust complaints handling procedure offers further assurance to the buying community.


CERIS accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of assertions or claims made by CERIS Member Companies in their CERIS Member Company Application Form.

CERIS prescribes the method and rigour by which related services should be conducted but does not underwrite the result of the services provided by CERIS Member Companies or CERIS named consultants.

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